AVG Family Safe iPad/iPhone browser blocks too much

What’s wrong with this picture? I see three problems, which are consistent with filtering technologies that haven’t been updated since the mid 90’s.

Almost every Internet safety solution on the market, continue to use outdated keyword blocking. It is technically impossible to differentiate between sites that contain adult content with sites that either talk about it, or help you protect your kids from it. The AVG Family Safe browser doesn’t even do that much well – it’s pretty obvious that “sex health” has nothing to do with pornography. That said, it’s not easy to build a browser, so perhaps they should stick to what they’re fantastic at; anti virus software solutions.

The three problems as demonstrated by the AVG Family Safety browser:

  1. Search results that contain sexual health related websites should not be categorized as “pornography”.
  2. Sexual health related websites should not be blocked as a results of being miscategorized.
  3. The browser vendor/filtering company doesn’t allow the user to dispute the classification

There is an answer. And here it is. It’s called Olly – an iPad browser that provides protection for kids online and privacy for parents. It’s free, easy to use and blocks more pornography than any other software in the world – over 31 billion URLs.

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