Chrome extension that blocks over half a billion pages of pornography

Today MetaCert released the first build of its family safe browser extension for Chrome. It’s an early release, but it rocks! It blocks more than half a billion pages of pornography. That’s more than any other software application on the market.

Unlike Google SafeSearch and other applications, MetaSurf doesn’t block sites that it shouldn’t by using outdated methods such as keyword checking. It only blocks pages that have been indexed by MetaCert – with more pages being indexed every day. Check out the live counter at

Check out the extension and leave a great rating score if you like it.

Please be aware that it is impossible to stop users from disabling Chrome extensions. So we highly recommend using this extension if you want to block pornography for yourself, or for young children who are not likely to change the settings on your browser when your back is turned.

Download the Chrome extension now!

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