MetaCert Chrome extension now protects kids from pornography on Facebook and Twitter

At the time of writing this post, MetaCert has labeled over 655 million pages of sexually explicit content – that’s more than 32 billion URLs. For those of you in the browser, search or family safety business, it’s technically 6.5 million unique domains and sub-domains – increasing hourly. There’s a live counter where you can find the number of pages we have labeled at any given time, here. The number of pages/URLs is derived from the mass of linked data that we have collected and studied since 2010.

Protecting kids on Facebook, Twitter and other social networks

Like Norton and McAfee, we have been labeling domains and sub-domains to protect kids from unsuitable and harmful content. Our competitors focus on dozens of categories – such as religion, gambling, violence etc.. At MetaCert, we focus on doing one thing very well. We focus all our attention on labeling sites that contain ‘sexually explicit content’ and as a result, we provide much better solutions for this type of content blocking – for both enterprise and consumers. I don’t mind being bullish with my assertion as they’re both multi-billion dollar companies and MetaCert is a new startup based in San Francisco.

We’re not happy with being the best however. We want to be as good as we can be. So with this in mind, we have pushed our technology to the next level by becoming the very first company worldwide, to label folders, URLs and search strings. This means that we can now protect kids from pornography across websites such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other social networ

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