Top Cats, February

Who qualifies to be a Top Cat

  • Established Agencies = Founder/CEO/Chair
  • Technology Providers & Brands (big companies such as Microsoft and the BBC) = Director/Head or other senior decision maker
  • Startups = Founder/CEO/Chair + secured VC funding or have a seriously good track record
  • Other = Publishers, Editors, Authors, TV Personalities, Establish Journalists, you get the picture.

I’m going to have a chit chat with a few people tonight and stream it live via my mobile. Keep an eye on my Qik account and feel free to comment and ask questions in the live chat room. It might be better to subscribe to my Twitter feed so you get a text message each time I stream live.

So, another Top Cats event is upon us. Check out the names of those who have said they can make it this month.

Who’s coming tonight

  • Alex Hoye, Chair, Faction/Buildersite
  • Alexis d’Amecourt, 19 Entertainment
  • Andrew Shorten, EMEA Platform Evangelist, Adobe
  • Andy Co Founder, Agency Mobile
  • Andy Finney, Founder, ATSF
  • Andy MacLaren, Co-founder, Agency Mobile
  • Angela Kirkham, Publishing Manager, Online Marketing, O2
  • Armando Ruffi, Co-founder, Zubka
  • Ben Johnson, Principal, Both Vitruvian Partners
  • Brian Hoadley, Managing Director , phunQube
  • Caspar Craven, Co-founder, Trovus
  • Catherine Toole, MD, Sticky Content
  • Cathy Grimes, Marketing Manager Personal Solutions, Equifax
  • Charles Astwood, Founder, London Eating
  • Chris Wood, CEO, Top Table
  • Craig Hill, Founder / Chairman, Digital Outlook
  • Dan Morris, Managing Partner, Splendid
  • Daniel Appelquist, Senior Technology Strategist, Vodafone Group
  • David Hart, Director, Codegent Ltd
  • David King, Director, APCO Online
  • Dennis Greene, Head of E-business, Royal Mail
  • Dr Anxo Cereijo Roibás, User Experience Research manager, Vodafone
  • Edward Charvet, Co-founder, Trovus
  • Elizabeth Varley, Editorial Director, Online Content UK
  • Farzad Jamal, Group Internet Controller, Northern Shell
  • Felix Velarde, Founder, Underwired
  • Hamish Gordon,
  • Irfon Watkins, CEO, Coull
  • James Booth, Co-founder, Rockabox Media
  • James Pimentel-Pinto, Managing Director, Agency Mobile
  • Jasmine Birtles Founder/MD,
  • Jemima Kiss, New media reporter, Media Guardian
  • Josephine Fraser, Social/Educational Technologist
  • Julia Eilon, AMF Ventures
  • Justin Bradley, Head of Digital Television, Sixth Sense UK
  • Justin Champney, Head of Brand Innovation EMEA, McCann Worldgroup
  • Justin Cooke, Managing Director , Fortune Cookie
  • Mairi Clark, Editor , Revolution Magazine
  • Mark Fallons, Head of interactive, McCann
  • Mark McDermott, Director, Codegent Ltd
  • Martin Lowde, 19 Entertainment
  • Mike Butcher, Editor, TechCrunch
  • Mike Risman, Managing Partner, Both Vitruvian Partners
  • Nick Halstead, Founder,
  • Omaid Hizwazi, Co-founder, Crayon
  • Paul Canty, Founder, Preloaded
  • Paul Duncanson, Managing Director, Creativebrief
  • Peter Ogden, Producer, ITV
  • Richard Daish, Head of Mobile Services, Chelsea FC
  • Richard Titus, Acting Head of UX&D, BBC FM&T
  • Rob Corradi, Founder, Preloaded
  • Rob Walk, Managing partner, NovaRising
  • Robert Killick, MD, cScape
  • Robin Charney, Sr. Marketing Manager – Web Platform Solutions, Adobe
  • Robin Howard, Client Services Director, BT
  • Satish Jayakumar, Co-founder, AdJug
  • Scott Gallacher, Director of Online & Partner Marketing, BskyB
  • Simon Grice, Founder,
  • Stephanie Bouchet, Marketing Director, Joost
  • Theodore Emiantor, Managing Director, Westminster Accountancy
  • Tim O’Neill, Founder / MD, Reactive
  • Tom Nixon, Founder, Nixon Mcinnes
  • Tom Sacchi, Founder / Director, Unit9
  • Tony Cocks, Microsoft
  • Will Jeffery, Managing director, Maverick Media
  • Will McInnes, MD, Nixon McInnes


  • Robert Loch, Founder, Internet People & Founder, That’s Useful
  • Paul Walsh, Chair, BIMA & Founder, Segala

Thanks to Adobe for their sponsorship this month.

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    4Avatars v0.3.1 v0.3.1  Damien Mulley » Blog Archive » Fluffy Links - Friday 22nd February 2008 said...

    […] should have a Top Cats event in Ireland or have Paul bring some Irish to the Top Cats London […]

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    4Avatars v0.3.1 v0.3.1  Damien Mulley » Blog Archive » Fluffy Links - Thursday February 28th 2008 said...

    […] Walsh is taking applications from Irish CEOs and companies to come to his Top Cats event. Mix with the UK […]

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    4Avatars v0.3.1 v0.3.1  mj » Blog Archive » “Top Cats” recruiting. said...

    […] a bigwig somewhere and you’d like to massage your ego and talk to other bigwigs, then rock on over. You’ll know if you fit in because it’s all about Established… …senior […]

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    4Avatars v0.3.1 v0.3.1  free satellite said...

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